Burleigh modular in Wesley-Barrell Nailsworth


the benchmark for classic English sofas

Clanfield sofa in Linwood Zoo, frog

Relaxed classic style

We love the Clanfield's classic curves

Hinton sofa in Robert Allen, Spring Mix

Classic English sofas

Handmade in our Oxfordshire workshops

About our sofas

About our British sofas

Wesley-Barrell - one of the most respected names in British upholstered furniture

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Hazelton sofa in Wesley-Barrell Winchcombe, cranberry

Classic British sofas

Sustainable furniture making in our Oxfordshire workshops

Campden sofa in Wesley-Barrell Burhill, oyster

Laid back sofas

Generous, relaxed sofas for family living

Stunning new prints

Classic British sofas

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