Create an easy living look

Understated, relaxed and comfortable, create an easy living look perfect for today's busy lifestyles.

Easy Living with our Enstone loose cover sofa

By Linda Chapman, Interior Design Consultant at Witney

For a young family a light and open plan multi-functional room needs to be practical as well as relaxed.  The combintation of an Enstone sofa, corner chair and stool creates an 'easy living' environment.

These pieces are upholstered in Wesley-Barrell neutrals, Naunton granite and Pillerton beige.  In addition they are covered in washable easy fit loose covers.

Accessories in restful seaside blue tones - coast, mint, aquamarine and ocean, are perfectly complemented by the natural solid oak of the Abain sideboard.

Easy living mood board

How to create an easy living look

Sea breeze

Sea-green shades of blue with natural off white linens conjure a relaxed coastal theme, combined with natural oak.


Relaxed, quirky charm

Choose low back sofa styles placed free standing within a room and combine with quirky accessoires to create an informal feel.

Modern country living

Combine textured fabrics with cotton ticking stripes and contrast with a chair in soft leather for that 'lived in' laid back appeal.