Timeless Stripes

Here at Wesley Barrell we have fallen in love with the Mulberry Stripes fabric collection this summer. The fabrics work perfectly with our classic, timeless style, The blue, white and red stripes bring university rowing to the forefront of our minds. Combine these time-honored stripes  with splashes of vibrant Aztec inspired prints for a contemporary, British festival look.

Mulberry Home was created in 1991 following the global success of Mulberry’s beautiful leather bags and accessories.  The company was established in Somerset in 1971 with quality and craftsmanship re-enforcing the company’s uniquely individual style. Proud of its origins, Mulberry Home continues to draw inspiration from this heritage whilst remaining a committed pioneer of fashionable trends.  Each distinctive Mulberry Home collection has a different theme, always introducing new ideas and colours but at all times retaining the spirit of the brand.

The Mulberry stripes fabrics are from the larger Festival collection which is designed to inspire fabulous interiors, the unique designs can make a perfect singular statement or work in harmony with other stunning fabric from the collection.