Create a Bloomsbury look

Bampton sofa in Bloomsbury room

By Zoe Cripps, Interior Design Consultant at the Cheltenham showroom

The Bohemian Bloomsbury look is inspired by the artistry and the uniquely intimate atmosphere created by Vanessa Bell at Charleston – the home she shared with Duncan Grant and friends, (the Bloomsbury set). This look allows for individuality of expression, artistic flare and an enjoyment of colour and texture.

By juxtaposing an eclectic mix of styles, in this case the Bampton sofa and chair alongside the Taynton chair and Campden sofa whilst playfully combining a variety of fabrics, colours, patterns and textures you can create a relaxed and welcoming 'Charleston' retreat.

bohehian bloomsbury room mood board

How to create a bohemian Bloomsbury room


Hand crafted wooden book case and aqua mottled trinket pot shows an artistic flare.