Create an eclectic look

Encompass a variety of periods and styles to create an individual, eclectic look.

Campden sofa in roomset

By Jane Banfield-Jenkins, Interior Design Consultant at Cambridge

Eclectic style is all about mixing rather than matching to create a space that expresses the owners individualism and delight in fabric, texture, pattern and diverse interests. 

Acting both as a private retreat and a display to family and friends of personal passions an eclectic scheme can borrow from different styles and periods.  For example this scheme is inspired by the Victorian use of pattern and decoration which is brought together using a more contemporary colour palette and pieces that make an individual statement.

Create an individual eclectic look

How to create an eclectic look

A travellers tale

A neutral colour palette to balance a treasured collection or favourite pieces grouped together tells a story and creates a highly individualised look.


Eclectic eccentric

A successful eclectic look should be deliberate and planned so carefully co-ordinate colours, shapes, textures, finishes and scale for a quirky distinctive style.



A bit of this and a bit of that

Mix together old favourites with new finds and draw from different cultures and time periods to put together a joyful homely scheme.