Cushion fillings explained

Squishy and engulfing? Or firm and supportive? When it comes to what makes a comfortable seat, tastes differ. What’s important is that you take the time to try out the many different filling options available. When visiting a showroom, relax on the sofas as you would at home and that way you can be sure you have chosen the ideal cushion filling option for you. Below is a handy guide of what to expect from our choice of cushion fillings.

Firstly check the spring construction of your seat base before selecting the interior filling of your cushion. As a general rule, softer fillings are better on a coil sprung bases and fibre and foam fillings suit a firm seat base;


Duck feather

A luxurious natural filling that offers  “sinking in” feeling. Providing good back support, durability and warmth duck feather is naturally fire retardant. Poultry feathers are sometimes used but we prefer the superior quality of duck feather that naturally has more loft, giving longer lasting comfort and cushion shape retention. Duck feather is a higher maintainance option needing daily plumping to retain shape. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to drop the cushion onto a clean floor, immediately pushing air back into it.

Feather with fibre

A mix of duck feather and polyester fibre that has the advantage of greater resilience than 100% feather. This cushion filling is ideal for busy family life as it requires lower maintainance and will recover its shape quickly providing a firmer seating option. Recommended for seat cushions only.



This is a non-allergenic 100% polyester fibre so suitable for those with allergies to feathers. The filling tends to recover its shape more readily than feather just needing to be plumped occasionally.

Foam core

This cushion filling is the best of both worlds. The resilience and stability of foam enveloped with a soft channelled duvet wrap, filled with duck feather for the ultimate luxury.


The firmest of our seat cushion interiors and most resilient, meaning it will spring back into shape as soon as you stand. Foam requires minimum maintenance and gives a neat appearance. With age and use the foam will soften.