How to create an elegant living room with quality English sofas

A few tips to bear in mind when looking to create an elegant living space in your home.

Elegance is defined as being graceful and stylish in appearance; an attribute that some will strive for in their home. Our quality English sofas lend themselves to both elegance and style. So, if you are looking to create an elegant living room, then our stylish and handcrafted English sofas are perfect for you.

The living room is one of the most important and most used rooms in any house. It is where you will do most of your entertaining and also most of your relaxing. For those reasons, it is not only important to have an elegant living room, but a comfortable one too.

We have devised a few tips to bear in mind when looking to create an elegant living room:


  • Plan the layout of your sofas and/or armchairs so that they are not backed up against walls. Seating arranged more centrally within the room, possibly on either side of a fireplace creates an impression of space and elegance.

  • Choose classic English sofas that lend themselves to most styles of living room. The Hinton and Hazelton are a perfect example of this. Whilst trends come and go, a classic piece will stand the test of time and remain elegant and stylish


  • Avoid large armchairs that match your sofa. Very few people today buy traditional three-piece suites, preferring to mix sofas with occasional chairs. In this case, opt for a pair of period style chairs such as the Blenheim Wing or Idbury Classic models to create a more distinctive look.

Hinton 3 seat sofa
  • The excessive use of pattern on large pieces of furniture can be visually overwhelming and can date very quickly. A calming interior relies more on beautiful plain or textured fabrics whilst restricting subtle pattern to accent pieces. Tasteful patterns work excellently on items such as occasional chairs and complementary scatter cushions.


  • Get advice. At Wesley-Barrell, we offer an interiors advisory service. Our experienced consultants can provide valuable advice on room planning and colour coordination. Room plans and colour boards can help to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Accentuate your English sofa. An elegant console or desk such as those available in our Anjou range, placed against the back of a sofa creates a natural division within a room. In addition, it can break up the ‘block mass’ that the back of a sofa often presents in the room.


  • Use symmetry. Symmetry can play a key role in creating an elegant living space. Placing a pair of lamps at either end of a console or side table can provide height and task lighting when sat on your sofa. A pair of candlesticks on either end of a mantelpiece is another age old method to create balance
Console desk
  • Keep accessories simple, clean and sophisticated. Avoid scattering small trinkets and ornaments across the room, instead group them together and link them by a common theme, be it colour, texture or material. This is less distracting on the eye.


  • Highlight the room with a large ornate mirror. Having a mirror placed above a mantelpiece or on a feature wall acts as the central focal point and can unite other elements within the space.


  • Finally, colours are also a key thing to consider. Chalky colours themselves to an elegant period scheme due to their super-matt finish. Muted and sophisticated shades provide a refined touch to any living room.