About our British sofas

Each Wesley-Barrell sofa or armchair is hand-built to order in our own UK workshops and so is exclusive and unique.

Furniture built to look good and last

  • As furniture makers we do not hold stock of preassembled frames, each sofa is built from start to finish for each individual customer. This gives you the flexibility to specify the style and size and choose from a  wide range of options to ensure that your sofa is right for you
  • Our showroom consultants have all spent time in our workshops, they understand the way our sofas are made and will advise and guide you through the range and choices that Wesley-Barrell offer.


• Traditional coil springs are fitted to the seat base to give the comfortable feel of a fully coil sprung sofa.  Coil springs ensure excellent support by distributing weight evenly thereby reducing wear and tear.  They come with a 10 year guarantee.

• Serpentine springs are used only in the back or the arms of the furniture where the stress is less.

Marlborough sofa in Wesley-Barrell Painted Floral
Marlborough sofa, Wesley-Barrell Painted Floral


• A well built sofa will have a strongly constructed wooden frame.  We take pride in making our own frames from sustainable seasoned soft and hard woods that combined give strength and flexibility and can withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

• Our skilled carpenters know that a well built wooden frame is the core of a well made sofa.  Wesley-Barrell frames exceed domestic needs as they meet contract BS4875 standards for hotel use and are guaranteed for 25 years.

Bladon buttoned sofa in velvet
Bladon buttoned sofa in velvet


• Wesley-Barrell use a mix of padding materials, natural layers of hair, wool felt and cotton layered to give long lasting resilience.  They allow the sofa to breath providing warmth in winter and are cool in the summer.

• Foam is also used to give firmer seat cushions and provide additional padding where larger arms or a back profile are a feature.

Heritage sofa makers
Clanfield sofa in Linwood Zoo, frog


• Its a painstaking process fixing and tying the springs, building up the layers of padding and upholstering the covering fabrics.  However the attention to detail and our tried and tested methods give Wesley-Barrell furniture the highly tailored standard of finish that we are renown for.

• Our craftsmen and women undertake a two year training and employ traditional upholstery methods little changed for generations to ensure your sofa can take the rough and tumble of everyday life.

Cokethorpe heritage sofa in Linwood Club Stripe
Cokethorpe sofa in Linwood Club Stripe

Tailored options

• Wesley-Barrell sofas and armchairs are all hand-made from start to finish in our Oxfordshire workshops - no two pieces of furniture leave the workshops the same.  We recognise that everyone is different so we offer a world of choice and options such as fabric, cushion fillings, seat depth and leg style and colour to ensure all your comfort needs are met.

• Take time to try out your sofa or armchair; our friendly showroom staff will show you how small tweeks can make the world of difference to your seating comfort.

Furniture Makers Hazelton sofa in Wesley-Barrell Winchcombe, cranberry
Hazelton sofa in Wesley-Barrell Winchcombe, cranberry

Fabric choice

• Select any fabric on any sofa or armchair, you can even supply your own.   Wesley-Barrell offer their own in-house range of fabrics or you can choose a fabric from one of the latest collections by a major fabric house whose books we have available to browse through in our showrooms.

• Our fabric team inspect, plan and cut each fabric whilst our sewers match and sew adjoing panels and triple stich seat covers for strength and durability.

Hempton sofa in Wesley-Barrell, Holika, blue
Hempton sofa in Wesley-Barrell, Holika, blue

Renovation and re-upholstery

Handmade luxury heritage furnitureSo confident are we of the quality of our sofas that we offer a full re-upholstery and renovation service.  When your sofa starts to look tired we will take it back, strip it down and replace any worn or damaged parts.  We will then renovate it using new fabric to transform it to be as good as new.

The frame of the sofa is tested for signs of wear and repaired.  Springs are checked, replaced where necessary and worn materials renewed.  Your new fabric is inspected, cut and sewn before the final skilled upholstery gives the highly tailored finish you have come to expect from us.

This service - made possible by the skill and craftsmanship found in Wesley-Barrell's workshops - gives reassurance that your initial investment really can last a lifetime.

Furniture Makers Hinton sofa in Osborne & Little Arbour
Hinton sofa in Osborne & Little Arbour